Only two steps away from the "Bon Marché", the lively neighborhood of Sèvres Babylone / St Germain des Prés and the ministries
This is an elegant and contemporary trattoria.
Originally, Al Dente was a simple idea "to suggest fine Italian cuisine as well as delicious crispy pizza in a same place. The kitchen is on charge by a talented chef from the south of Italy, which is rare in Paris, assuring genuine Italian cuisine" according to the french owners: Sylvain and Marie Lindon.

Their main priority is the genuine taste and the respect of italian traditions. Pasta is a whole dish on its own and not a side dish as it usually consider in France". A We offer a genuine Italian menu that includes antipasti (appetizers), primo piatto (pasta) , secondo (meat or fish) and selective choices of authentic and fine products through the seasons and that is how we assured old fashion and tasty Italian cuisine."
Finally, Al Dente's management staff are very focused on their customers' satisfaction by fulfilling their needs. "As we had been customers for a long time before doing this job ourselves, we wanted to create the restaurant we would like to go to."
The goal has been achieved! and after 5 years in the business, 80% of the customers are regulars. So, if you want to dine in an unique and trendy atmosphere where you can find from tourists, fashion victims, primer ministers, celebrities to neighbor’s families.
We highly recommend you to book a table, as the restaurant only offers 50 seats.


Al Dente is open from Tuesday to Saturday, lunch from 12.00 till 2.30 pm and dinner from 7.45 till 10.45 pm